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Hey Rachel!
My wife has accused me of cheating. What man's wife hasn't, right? But, I haven't cheated and I’ve gone out of my way to prove it. I suspect that my wife has been cheating for at least a year now and I will admit, I’ve tried to check her cell phone, but it's always locked. Now, I am not an insecure man. I trust her for the most part, but I do have my suspicions. I don't want to accuse her like she has accused me in the past, so, what steps do you think I should take?

Suspicious, most women cheat when the relationship is just about over. There are some “heffas” out there that just cheat for the heck of it, but for the most part, women cheat when they’re tired of a lifeless relationship; when their man is no longer providing them with the 4 “Ss” … SECURITY, STRENGTH, STABILITY AND SEX. In a nutshell, they’re just damn TIRED of not feeling special!

Well, before we move on, let’s discuss the main ways that you can tell that your woman is cheating:

1. Check her panty drawer, under the bed, or in her "special" box in the closet. When a woman cheats, she always buys new sexy undies and new everything else. You may notice the new undies and tight fitting dress while she gets dressed in the morning for work or when she goes out with a “friend.” Look for new perfumes and lotions as well. Men, you know your woman. If she’s been wearing sweats for years and the only perfume scent has been Ivory soap for at least a decade, but she steps out smelling like a million bucks, wearing a tight azz dress, and stacked heels, then there you go!

2. Ask to give her a foot rub. She’ll be surprised, but nevertheless, those crusty heels that used to scratch you in bed will no longer scratch you anymore. They will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The red polish will no longer be chipped on her feet or fingernails.

3. She doesn’t give a damn about all the silly things you do anymore. The things that she used to nag/fuss/argue about just don’t matter anymore. As a matter of fact, she walks around the house in her sweats, humming Jaheim songs, while she’s cooking your favorite meal.

4. You don’t get as many phone calls as you used to during business hours. She has to get in the sexy calls with the otha brotha, hell, she can’t talk to him at night.

5. She has a lock on her phone. If you’re able to break the code, check for names you’ve never heard of, whether male or female. Women NEVER put the other man’s name on their phone. Be wary of names such as “Bertha2,” if you know her grandmother only has one phone number.

6. If she doesn’t fuss about having sex with you anymore, begin to wonder.  A cheating woman will give you “pity” sex when you ask for it, just to try to throw you off. If she brings new moves into the picture, she’s been watching porn with the other dude.

Suspicious, when it comes to cheating, women are smarter and more patient than men. Women can flirt with a man for months before they actually do the “nasty.”

Women know how to plan the whole thing out, but men, of course, think with their little part. When sex is on the brain, all logic disappears!
Women know not to allow the other dude to slip up and call at 11pm on a Saturday night, 'cause she’s made sure her phone is turned off by 8pm.
Women know that the other dude's name must be "coded" on her phone.
Women know how to forewarn their girlfriends when they the need to “use” them.
Women are so smart and cunning that they know how to throw the blame off on a man and almost make “him” believe that “he” is the one cheating.

Women know how to play the game and for this reason, women are hard to catch.

So, my friend, there is no magic formula that will help you approach your wife. If you actually have the nerve to approach her at this point, catch her off guard by being blunt. Just ask her straight up if she’s cheating. If your woman has any game, which it appears as if she does, she will never admit to cheating. She knows that all you have is suspicion and no tangible evidence. She will lie till the day she dies.
On the other hand, you can just continue to lay low, just as you have, because like my mother always said …
What’s done in the dark, shall always come to light.
If U doin’ dirt, the dirt will do U in.
What comes around goes around.

.....and a cheating, lying, witch of a woman will keep her man FOREVER … for as long as SHE wants HIM .... so sad that many folks remain with other folks that treat them badly.

Suspicion, you haven't approached her because you are playing the "waiting" game. Waiting for her to slip up so that you can get mad, curse for a moment, pout, sleep in the other room and eventually remain in the relationship until SHE decides to leave. When a person has SELF-love and a SELF-deserving spirit he/she normally confronts issues head-on.

You put up with this suspicion for a year? Hell, that's a long time.
Deal with it mannnnnnnnn and all the other issues in your relationship, 'cause I am absolutely sure that this suspicion “thang” is not the only problem in this marriage.

Old African Proverb: He who for a long time believes that his wife is cheatin’ …. probably has a cheatin’ wife.

You stated that all women have accused their men of cheating at some point in the relationship. This is definitely not a true statement. I know two mute Chinese women in the state of GA that haven’t. :)